Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with Embrace Grace! We’re so thankful you have a heart to help the single, pregnant mommies and babies. They are easy to love. We ask that you read through the next few pages and pray about where God wants to use you to serve. Thank you in advance for everything you give. Our volunteer slots are for one semester, either for fall (September–December) or spring (March–May). You can continue to stay at your same spot each semester, or you can try something different each time! Let us know how you would like to serve!

Prayer Warrior

You’ll be our prayer warriors for our Blooms and Embrace Grace Leaders. If there is a Bloom who may need extra prayer for certain situations our Embrace Grace Leaders will be contacting you in confidence to help us lay our worries to the Lord and ask God for protection, guidance, and wisdom.

Donating Baby clothes and Maternity clothes

Some of our Blooms are not financial capable to buy new clothes for themselves as they grow their sweet baby. Which is why we ask for any GENTLY used maternity clothes to help offset some of those needs. We also ask for any GENTLY used baby items because caring for a new born can be finically overwhelming and when helping a women choose life we would like to help celebrate her choice by giving some baby items and relieve some of that burden she may have.


Not all of our Blooms have a car that they are able to use to get to Embrace Grace meetings. Sometimes we may meet in the morning and sometimes our semester meetings will be in the evening. You will be picking up and dropping off a Bloom to and from meetings. We don’t want the enemy to use transportation as a reason to not hear or be near gods love. This particular position will be allowing you to be a small seed in her life if you choose to help.


We love to bless our Blooms with delicious snacks during our bible study time. If you are interested in baking, buying, or providing food for us at all  please let us know. We’d love to spoil these ladies with that. You may also check out our Facebook page “Embrace Grace Calvary Chapel Tri-Cities” for a food sign up sheet.

Baby Shower

One of our BIG things that we do for our Blooms is provide a baby shower for them. Each girl will get a sponsor who will provide the baby shower gifts and we will have huge celebration over their sweet blessing from God. We often need food donations, helping hands to decorate, Set up/clean up, hold precious babies(if she delivers before the baby shower). We want to make the day special for our Blooms so we look for professional Hair and Makeup people willing to donate their time to come dress them up. We want to help document this joyous occasion so we need photographers willing to come help use take pictures of our Blooms. If you’d like to help or know more please fill the sign up below.

Special Day

This day is a celebration of our sweet Blooms. On this day we like to remind them who they are in Christ's Kingdom as daughter of the King. We need professional makeup/hair volunteers and professional manicure/pedicure people to dress our Blooms up for this fun day. We need volunteer photographers to help document this fun time of love, growth, and friendship. The day does get long and our pregnant Blooms get hungry so we ask for any and all food donations for this day so we can have wonderful snacks for them.